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With Coaching, we will initially have a 30-minute chemistry session, this is to ensure that both parties are happy with each other's style of working (no charge). Charges start at the first one-hour session, which will review the information you have provided and help establish goal/s for your journey. For Individuals, there will generally be 5 more one-hour sessions on a 2-weekly basis (totalling 3 months for the programme). Payment is required upfront and my standard package is £420 for six sessions.


For Corporate Coaching, relationships tend to extend to 6 months and usually have more goals, as organisations appreciate more achievables and this often requires extra work and time. 

As an ex HR Consultant, some clients find one session on writing/applications/interviews useful and I'm happy to incorporate one session into the standard programme. However, there will be an additional cost if you require more "HR Specialist" sessions or mentoring, rather than coaching. Please discuss this with me during our chemistry call if you require clarity. HR support is charged at £90 per hour, as I have 25 years of experience to justify the increased rate and feel this is fair.

I also charge £90 per hour for the HR support around CV writing, application submissions and interview preparation, this is a slightly increased hourly rate for the same reason as above. Achieving a new role is often justification enough for this initial expense. Our career's are the basis of our lives in many cases and it's important we invest in ourselves and our opportunities. 

For tailored costings that suit your specific needs, I invite you to contact The pricing structures are thoughtfully designed to accommodate the unique requirements of both individual clients and organisations. To receive detailed information about our pricing options, kindly send an email detailing your anticipated requirements. 

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