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Clients Say
Caroline, Programme Manager


Amanda has been a very organised, personable and engaging coach. Over the course of our sessions, we did a reflection on key elements of life, identified priority areas and hence focused on areas related to professional ambitions and development as well as financial management.

The impact of coaching sessions has been to reflect upon the different elements as seen in the ‘wheel of life’ tool and appreciate what elements within my life can be enhanced now, are satisfactory or have been previously worked upon. It was a useful Life ‘ MOT’!   

Within the aspect of Career, sessions have helped me start thinking more creatively about my professional interests and think about how I can pivot my unique skills and experiences to other sectors. In the shorter term as I was coming to the end of a work contract in a challenging work environment, having sessions with Amanda shifted my mindset towards a greater focus on the future, which aided my well-being and energy hence improving my ability to work in such an environment and ahead of redundancy. In the medium/longer-term term focused work, our sessions took a very practical approach. This included how to make a greater impact in my job applications, where to identify different roles and how to network and build professional relationships. These are useful tools to take into my current career break and improve my confidence during transition/change.


When exploring my financial management, it’s been helpful to think about how to build better foundations, take a strategic and more measured approach and integrate smaller tips/practices that can strengthen my financial security. Based on this, I have further planning to do and a renewed confidence that this is an area of my life in which I can make more mature changes.

Emily, Strategy & OD Specialist

This is the first time that I’ve had coaching, and it’s made the biggest difference to my life.  To this point in my career I’ve done what’s been expected of me by other people, without really stopping to think – taking on increasingly big jobs, promotions and difficult challenges.  It’s been rewarding and enjoyable at many points, but after a sector change I wanted some time to think more deliberately about how I consider work. 


Amanda has helped me to understand what matters to me most in my career, and how this interacts with the things that I care about outside of work.  She’s helped me to think in a structured way about what I prioritise and how to keep my resilience high.  For the first time she’s also helped me to think properly about what I’m best at, and to feel okay with prioritising my values as I make career decisions.  After my coaching sessions I feel like a have a much more solid core of confidence about what matters to me and what I want to do in the rest of my career.  I wish that all mid-career women could access coaching – it’s been hugely beneficial to dedicate time to thinking in a supported environment about a part of my life that I spend a lot of time doing, and I feel hugely privileged to have had the opportunity.

Nichola, Head of Planning & Compliance


I initially entered the coaching with Amanda as a novice to this kind of personal development and was somewhat sceptical that talking to a stranger about my career ambitions, current opportunities and obstacles - including the menopause - would move me to a different space.


I am delighted to say that Amanda exceeded my expectations - helping me to set goals, define actively how I could work towards them, as well as changing my mindset to enable me to think proactively and positively. I have learnt to interpret responses and actions objectively, consider what is normal concern over ‘imposter syndrome’ as well as more belief in my abilities.


I now have an updated CV, clear objectives of what I want to do next and why and am undertaking fantastic online development programmes to improve my presence and influencing skills (who knew that mindset, tone of voice and body language could have such an impact!)


Amanda has helped me move from a stagnant position in my career to looking forward. Menopause has a detrimental impact on work life, including brain fog, anxiety, fatigue and comfort levels - all of which impact confidence in your ability to achieve and function at a high-performing level.


She has helped me to recognise how to move past this and recognise great achievements, skills, knowledge and leadership qualities that my age has brought me.


I wholeheartedly recommend Amanda as a coach and thank her for her support, guidance and challenge where it was required.

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